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2018 Exhibitions

The World Is Watching... 
Rafik Majzoub
20 February - 17 March 2018

"A kid's diary from the Middle East ... Now

I do not remember what is silence

How will my dreams be without the sound of bombing?"

Pretty Poisonous
Dina Fawakiri
20 March - 17 April 2018


Flowers are often taken at face value; they are beautiful and, outside of their natural habitat, are most often used as decorative elements or shows of affection. In Pretty Poisonous, artist Dina Fawakhiri places an unexpected lens on these common creatures showing the deceptive beauty of certain flowers which can also be poisonous.   

By portraying flowers in delicate but extremely detailed views, the artist draws attention to the hidden toxicity that these examples contain. In this newly commissioned series, their hyper-stylized form and contrasting color alludes to elegance and attraction, while simultaneously painting a surreal picture of seduction.

Swapped at Birth
Ahmed Elkhalidi
18 April- 17 May 2018

As part of the 7th Image Festival Amman, Jacaranda Images is hosting an exhibition by one of Jordan’s, and now Australia’s, dynamic young artists Ahmed El Khalidi.


The Image Festival's theme in 2018 is "HOME" and Ahmed's exhibition is titled ‘Swapped At Birth’ documenting, though photography and graphics, the differences and similarities of the artist's original home Jordan and his new home Australia.

Poster 3.jpg
Collective Exhibition 
11 August - 14 September 2018


A collection of etchings, lithographs screen prints and digital prints in blue hues to keep you cool during the hot summer months.


Our summer show is selected from our collection of prints in cool blue hues by international and Jordanian artists including Jamil Hamoudi, Nouri Al Rawi, Fadi Haddadin, Hazem Nemroui, Sina Ata, Victor Vasarely, Adrian Lockhart, Ludwig Sander and more.

Ruba Abu Shousheh
18 September - 13 October 2018

In Abu Shousheh’s exhibition the horizon glows, as she says 'within that line gleams the far and the near, from here and there.'


Ruba’s landscapes depict a spiritual connection between the ground and the sky. Horizontal and vertical forms  hide within their intersections the symbols of structured geometrical embellishments that reflect the earthly connection we have with our world. These represent all the laws and rules that firmly govern  the lives of people and the universe. Softening this cosmic strictness, the artist represents a new perspective by adding botanical elements that have a musicality to them through their curves.  From the combination of forms and the concepts represented, one can search for one's soul towards the glowing horizon.

On the horizon there’s a city not far from sight, within the space of a letter, the distance of a  line, near yet far. A horizon that the dancing horizontal lines tell the story of. The city and its dreams and hopes with the lines stretching and connecting to weave a harmony in balance and unity.

Between here and there… there is my city …this is my city.   Ruba Abu Shosheh

Poster6 final.jpg
Poster Draft3.jpg
Bayt Al Graphic
Collective Exhibition 


11 emerging artists show a selection of works undertaken with Bayt al Graphic studio.


Bayt al Graphic's first SALON show launches the works of 11 very different artists. Each artist represented in this exhibition has their own style with works ranging from etchings, to digital art to mixed media paintings and sculptures. Sara Rashdan, Hamid Sharif, Ruth Jackson and Nesreen Subeh present etchings while Sarah Hatahet explores her digital portraits with an explosion of colour. Tina Omran's mixed media paintings are a fantasy of tones while Muna Amareen and Yasser Alwreikat's drawings are detailed observations.


Bayt al Graphic

Bayt al Graphic is a printmaking studio opened in 2017 located in Jabal el Weibdeh, Jordan. Under the tutelage of Jordanian printmaker Hakim Jamain, students and artists produce an array of prints, fine art and sculpture.

Hakim's studies at the Academy of Fine Arts "Pietro Vannucci", Perudia Italy and the Milan Fine Arts Academy, Italy formed the basis of his own education. Further specialization in Print Making at The Hague Royal Academy in Holland led to his involvement in teaching printmaking in Jordan and Egypt and the pursuit of his own artistic career.

24 October- 16 November 2018
Off the Wall final.jpg
Hanan Khalil 
4-31 December 
Opening Tuesday 2 Dec at 6pm


For 12 months Hanan Khalil's fans have been delighted with her witty illustrations of Arabic idioms. Now over 80 of the original works will be on display in Jacaranda Images December exhibition.


As a visual thinker, Hanan Khalil uses her vivid sense of colour and skill of drawing expressive faces to document her daily observations of the sayings and phrases taken so much for granted.  Idioms, metaphors and expressions are abundant in all cultures and they seem to be collectively understood and mysteriously exchanged by the same society. In this exhibition they come to life with characters we all know!


We quickly relate to those words or phrases that add humor to dark or smart and funny situations. Khalil's drawings reveal how much we judge each other and how much of a negative impact this could have on the people around us.


"I believe that language sometimes creates a barrier between people, hence my work to bring people from different cultures closer to each other. I truly believe that understanding any culture’s inside jokes, puns, and idioms boosts our sense of oneness."


A booklet of the sketches from 'Figuratively Speaking' will be launched at the opening of the exhibition.

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