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2021 Exhibitions


Hussam Sleiby

30 January - 20 February 2021


Showcasing Hussam Sleiby's still-life photographs at Jacaranda Images.

Join us to enjoy a body of work, which its elements been collected from all around us, house gardens plants and vintage items used by Jordanian households decades ago, all together in a photograph.



Nadia Flaih

1 to 30 March 2021 
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Homeland and ruins......


As years go by we transform and return. We live the distances and beyond.  Are we aware of our journey?

There are failures, victories, occupation and liberation, and protest.

With this confusion, we delve into the storm of facts and falsehoods and we try to hold onto our own love of our country.

We can only seize these memory ruins which we hold fiercely, hoping that our own memories will compensate for our loss.


Fadwa Ramadan

1 to 31 May 2021 


Fadwa Ramadan’s delicate pencil and ink drawings, featuring the Amazigh script are the feature of Jacaranda Images’ May showcase.  Ramadan consistently refers to the circle and the role it plays in nature and life, uncovering the movement which exists within it. The works are inspired from a 2014 journey to Siwa Oasis are from 2017, 2108 and 2020.

‘My trip to Siwa Oasis in Egypt in 2014 triggered a new found interest and passion for this language in its written form. It has inspired my art works. At first, I utilized Amazigh letters to create simple visual forms in monochrome, where the letters played secondary role as symbols in a larger formation, devout of linguistic meaning. My work then evolved to using Amazigh words and poetry, making them the object of my art and giving them center stage.’  Fadwa Ramadan

The Amazigh language is a family of closely related dialects indigenous to North Africa, considered an official language in Morocco (the only country that recognizes the language as such). It is also spoken in Algeria, Mali and Niger. The language has had a written tradition for over 2,200 years, influenced by Tifinagh, Arabic and Latin.


14 June- 5 July 2021


Ali Almasri

17 July - 14 August 2021


Inspired by Japanese minimalist aesthetics and their expressive calligraphy, Ali Almasri represents Arabic calligraphy in a contemporary manner while emphasizing its authenticity and tradition.
Join us on opining day Saturday 17 July 2021 and meet the artist.


I READ I WRITE is a photo project about Arab women and education.
This Exhibition features photographs in Gaza- Palestine, documenting the obstacles these women faced throughout their lives to gain access to education, and stressing the role that education played in their lives.
Laura Boushnak will be singing her book "I READ I WRITE" at the opening Tuesday 14 September 2021 6 to 8pm.

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Juman Nimri

2 - 27 October 2021


"The world we live in is mysterious and unknown. No matter how aware you are of its meanings, you are still trapped in an illusion. I see myself and my relationship with life like a fish living in a big bubble, disappearing if the bubble bursts.  I am sure the world around me is full of life, but I seem to be forever stuck in its nets and, with the patience of a good fisherman, capture the passing souls.

I present in my new collection a proposal to the meaning of life through conversation and elements that blends the old and the new in different light where I face both reality and imagination at the same time." Juman Nimri



Join us for an artist talk with Charlotta Sparre in a showcase of work from her previous solo exhibitions with Jacaranda Images.

Charlotta Sparre return to Amman is welcomed and we invite you to catch up or meet and get to know this fascinating women and artist.

Wednesday 17 November 2021
Talk starts at 6pm.
Numbers are limited.

Please arrive 15 mins earlier and bring your face mask.

Entry is allowed for individuals who are fully vaccinated.


Our end of the year group exhibition
Its a ZOO in here!

A collection of animals by a collection of artists.

Saturday 4 December 2021 at 5pm

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