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2009 Exhibitions

Bader Mahasneh
July 1 - 31 2009


Bader’s ink drawings on paper are figures without substance, almost transparent with a deliberate mystery. A general human shape, with layers of ink make them as complicated as real men and women are. The figures are not reduced to objects on the paper purely for the viewer to look at, but for the viewer to see through, to wonder what elements make up the faceless person.

Hakim Jumain
October 6 - 31 2009 


Hakim Jamain displays 13 etchings inspired by Ancient Egypt at Jacaranda Images during October.  This exhibition explores the relationship between artist, environment  and ancient history though the delicate etching process. Hakim has been influenced by his surroundings, both tangible and intangible, as well as the remarkable monuments that are Luxor. Palm trees, geckos, and hieroglyphics sit side by side in the works reflecting the complete experience of the artist in this unique environment.

Tariq Dajani
November 3 - 30 2009


Continuing with their plan to showcase a body of work from artists on a monthly basis, Jacaranda Images displays Tariq Dajani's new fine art photographs 'ABOVE WADI RUM' from 3 to 30 November. Tariq Dajani's view of Wadi Rum is not one we know well as he applies his style to the photographs, where the landscape is familiar yet fresh to our eyes.

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