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2010 Exhibitions

Bader Mahasneh
January 5 - 31 2010


Bader Mahasneh goes to Aqaba as the featured artist at The Aqaba House, showing photographic work drawn from his experiments with the human form.  In 'Sculpting the Water' Jordanian artist Bader Mahasneh continues to explore the transparency of life with his photographs. The water shapes are sculptured figurines, humanlike, with life and movement, captured in time for the photograph. Each form has its own character, with a future rather than a past.

Mona Sudi
February 2 - 28 2010


Inspired by French poet, Saint-John Perse ‘Chant Pour un Equinoxe’, the series of screen prints contains 13 drawings by Mona Saudi in an edition of 77.  Lines from the verses such as ‘A singing rises within us which has not known its source and will have no estuary in death: ‘ are illustrated with sensitivity and oriented to Mona Saudi’s distinctive sculptural style. The original text of the poem is in French, and its translations in English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish are included in this album

Saleh Abu Shindi
May 4 - 31 2010


Saleh Abu Shindi has explored a range of styles and techniques over his artistic career spanning more than 50 years. In his more recent work from 2006 to 2008 he embraces colour and lets his emotions dictate the works. These predominantly small works are intense bursts of energy and expression with complex layers of colour, line and movement. The results are harmonious pieces showing, in some cases, the sensuous qualities of the paint and, in others, a subtle building of the forms. Although the works are a break from Abu Shindi’s more recognizable drawings and paintings of landscapes, village scenes and spiritual explorations, these show a continuation of Abu Shindi’s journey through very individual and intuitive expression while drawing on his influences over the years.

Ghadeer Saeed
August 3 - September 30 2010


Ghadeer Saeed’s haunting digital collages are reflections on love and its memories. The works show at Jacaranda Images during August and September.  Using photographic archives of the last century, Ghadeer Saeed condenses visual and historic memories in works that evoke nostalgia, and a range of emotions. The images compose and decompose in flashes, similar to interwoven cinematic scenes …interrupted, contrasted as well as integrated to convey the complex emotions of the human being everywhere. Anguish, waiting, loneliness and hope are all associated with intense moments of intrigue, strange places and contradicting senses, somewhere between war and love.

Bader Mahasneh
October 19 - 31 2010


Never afraid to explore the possibilities of various mediums for his art, in this exhibition at Jacaranda Images, Bader Mahasneh integrates his penchant for photography with his previous examination of the human form through his ink drawings, paintings and resin sculptures. Bader has been long attracted to photography and the possibilities that can be achieved with both long and very fast exposures and these images explore this medium fully. These large photographic works bring together the interdisciplinary approach of Bader's work, capturing the human form in motion while drawing influence from 'action paintings' of the abstract expressionist movement. 

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