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2011 Exhibitions

Mohammed Shammarey
January 17 - February 17  2011


In 1991 Mohammed Al Shammarey was not an occasional tourist passing through Amman, nor was he a local looking for a good bargain at wholesale shops wandering through the narrow alleys. His first step upon leaving Baghdad, seeking a direction to an obscure future, took him to Downtown Amman. On the balcony of The "Hotel Central" he planned an un-chartered journey, to an unknown and remote destination, not knowing where his final steps would lead.

Ammar Khammash
March 18 - 31 2011


Ammar Khammash is continuously curious of, and absorbed by his surroundings and its context in time. This collection of photographs of children bathing in a hot spring are more than a moment that has passed, they are evocative of the energy and the mystery of existence and non existence. The works show at Jacaranda Images from the 8th March. Still photography, contrary to the nature of ‘still’ is continuously changing its purpose, meaning and definition.  The further camera technology develops, it affects producing reality in terms of motion and 3D possibilities. Photography has moved closer towards abstraction and art by increasingly getting rid of its documentation responsibilities.

Iyad Kan'aan
April 19 - 30 2011


In Iyad Kan’aan’s latest work, he refers to an influential work from Michelangelo to create a contemporary analogy for the exploration of knowledge.  The works show at Jacaranda Images from the 9th April. When he first observed the Sistine Chapel, especially Michelangelo’s ‘The Fall of Man’ and the ‘Expulsion from the Garden of Eden’, at 8 years old, Iyad Kan’aan did not know how memorable the works would be for him.  The images have constantly been referred to in his works, paintings and collages. “The artworks were an introduction to a long series of paintings and experiences, in an aesthetics continuum that affects various aspects of the painting and my life”.

Tariq Dajani
September 20 - October 19 2011


While the precise origin of the history of falconry are lost in time, the keeping of falcons in the middle East is as ancient as the emergence of its civilizations and goes back some 4000 years. This series of photographs is an artistic interpretation of the majestic beauty and splendor of the hunting falcon.  Each image consists of detailed studies of this magnificent bird of prey with its razor-sharp, curved beak and deadly talons, piercing eyes and delicate plumage of feathers encasing its sleek body.

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