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2012 Exhibitions

Charlotta Sparre
March 13 - 31 2012


In this exhibition, Charlotta Sparre shares her love of four cities through her photographs. Building on the concept of a dream, a meeting of different realities, with pictures being combined, the results are both familiar and confusing, Charlotta captures the essence of each city in a unique exhibition at Jacaranda Images. Fascinated by an accidental double exposure photograph that her mother created when she was a child, Charlotta Sparre now applies the technique deliberately to her favourite Middle Eastern cities – Amman, Beirut, Cairo and Damascus.

Ghassan Ghaib &Ahmed Al-Bahrani
April 3 - 24 2012


From a generation that has witnessed two wars and carried the effects from reality to art, the latest exhibition by Ghassan Ghaib, 'Hanine' (Nostalgia), coincides with the launch of his book Wissadat Al Malak/The Angel’s Pillow, an artistic autobiography. With fellow Iraqi artist, sculptor Ahmed Al Bahrani, 'HANINE' is about the constant emotions associated with living in exile from a place that is dear to the heart. The state of 'longing' is a sentimental but powerful force that infiltrates the psyche and creates a framework of creative influence.

Mike V. Derderian
July 3 - 20 2012


Mike V. Derderian has entertained a cult following of cartoon and fantasy aficionados in Amman for several years with everything from science fiction characters to satirical statements, under both his own name and the signature ‘Sardine’. Working predominantly with pen and paper, Mike develops characters and themes from his vivid imagination and brings them to life, not only in illustration but often with an entire story supporting them which ‘reflect his sensibilities as a human and individual’.

Rafik Majzoub
October 9 - 31 2012


Rafik Majzoub landed like a tornado on the Beirut art scene in the mid 1990s, creating images that reflected the intellectual and political climate of then. Since then, Majzoub’s work continues to question and peel back the social veneers of society and himself, none more so than in his new works, titled ‘X RAY’.

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