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2013 Exhibitions

Mohammed Shammarey
February 12 - March 10 2013


Mohammed Shammarey launches his latest exhibition ‘Paper Boats’ at Jacaranda Images with a multifaceted exhibition of prints, book art and video installation as part of the Institut Francais ‘Image Festival  #3’. The reference to the paper boats extends beyond childhood games and dreams to the prevalent issue of immigration where boats were the earliest mode of transport for early immigrants from Europe and Africa to the USA either by choice or forced. The exhibition is somewhat biographical as Shammarey has himself immigrated to the USA to flee the ‘bleeding homeland’ of Iraq, a decision which leaves a ‘hollow feeling of deep uprooting’.

Mona Saudi & Dia Batal
March 26 - April 14 2013


One of the region's foremost sculptors and printmaker, Mona Saudi, joins with her daughter, spatial designer Dia Batal for their first exhibition together at Jacaranda Images in Amman. To honour the late Mahmoud Darwish and to coincide with Palestinian Land Day on March 30,  the works are inspired by Darwish's poetry. Both artist's calligraphy and drawings add a new dimension to the words of Darwish.

Dodi Tabbaa
May 19 - June 2 2013


Dodi Tabbaa's latest exhibition uses the geometry of pixels, to create a luminous exhibition of prints that glow with almost neon shades of energy and enhanced color lighting up each square, giving each an individual burst of an aura-like beam. Revisiting her exploration with pop art, Tabbaa takes her work to a new level of by referencing digital pixels, LED lighting and high definition effects . Dodi admits influence from Japanese video games, especially from the artist Keiji Inafune, but there are other references as well, to the classic colour theorists and op and mininalist artists of the 20th century such as Josef Albers, Dan Flavin or Victor Vasareley.

Charlotta Sparre
June 18 - July 17 2013


Through her photographs Charlotta Sparre shares her love and passion for the Middle East. Building on a technique of double exposed photographs, the combined pictures become both familiar and confusing. Few places in the world have been and are as much of a crossroad as the Middle East. Home to the ancient high cultures around the Mediterranean, birthplace to the three main monotheistic religions, and an historical and cultural melting pot where, throughout history, people from different backgrounds have met, cohabited, fought wars, loved and lived.

Atelier Uraiqat
September 8 - 30 2013


Carving Shadows at Jacaranda Images is an exhibition of Atelier Uraiqat’s latest work exploring the relationship of geometry and design. It is a collection of objects that can equally be furniture, sculpture and art. The exhibition explores the possibilities of pattern and material and the effects of light and challenge the notions of stability, movement, perception, and physicality. Each work explores the unlimited through the exploitation of the limited, finding complexity within simplicity.  

Ahmed Elkhalidi
November 26 - December 15 2013


Ahmed Khalidi's exhibition documents the journey of the artist from Palestine / Jordan to Australia and back again, confronting the dilemma of  where to call home. In the form of mixed media paintings, the artist explores the idea of belonging and identity, are they relative and changeable depending on one's geographical location? The work delves into memory, childhood experiences, family photographs and stories as well as recent political history. Ahmed reflects on the different emotional and physical journeys he has gone through, going back to the 1950s and drawing on his family's own struggles.

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