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2015 Exhibitions

Sina Ata
March 25 - April 15 2015


During 2014, Sina Ata had the privilege of working in Bethlehem for several months. As an artist does, he documented his time, experience and observations of people's lives and their environment. Without a studio to paint, Sina photographed the walls that are Bethlehem, from the ancient laneways to the illegal barrier that currently confines the city.  Sina develops the concept  from observation to immersion, then pares back the visual experience to its minimal form in the paintings which were completed on his return to Amman.

Collective Exhibition 
May 2 - 17 2015


Vespa has long been associated with art commissioning the great graphic artists of their time such as Raymond Sauvignac and Bernard Villemot to create their promotional campaigns in the 1950s and 60s. With this foundation, Jacaranda Images in association with Darwzeh Motors the Official Vespa dealer in Jordan has commissioned 4 of Amman's brightest graphic designers for this exhibition to produce limited edition prints which will sit side by side with reproductions of some of Vespa's classic advertising images.

Tariq Dajani
November 3 - 26 2015


An interest in the ancient book Kitab al-Filaha, combined with an appreciation of early Spanish still-life paintings from Velázquez to Goya, provided the inspiration for this latest exhibition by Tariq Dajani. His black and white studies are presented as a series of beautiful, hand-crafted intaglio prints, a rare and highly-skilled method of etching photographic images onto metal plates and then hand-printing them onto paper.

Lutfi Zayed
December 9 - 31 2015 


Lutfi Zayed is a graphic designer who prefers not to suffer in a corporate world but let his mind roam freely exploring concepts and ideas for his own amusement. While following the disciplines of aesthetic and design, Lutfi lets the characters in his head loose. In his first solo exhibition of his prints, Lutfi follows two directions. The first is more conceptual with deceptively simple compositions where wit and wordplay are achieved with visual puns, much along the lines of the graphic designers of the 1950s such as the legendary Raymond Savignac.

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