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2022 Exhibitions

Of Home and Land

Haya Halaw


"Of Home and Land is an exploration of the limbo I found myself in after fleeing the war. An exploration of the love-hate relationship I have with my own land and the shifting role this geographic location played in mine and many others being." Haya Halaw

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5-31 March 2022
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Mohamed Hozyen

Part of the 10th Image Festival Amman


As part of the 10th Image Festival Amman, Jacaranda Images is hosting an exhibition by Egyptian photographer Mohamed Hozyen.  


In 2011, the Egyptian authorities issued demolition orders to remove all random residential areas and illegal buildings. The decision went into action at the beginning of 2016 by gradually removing old districts in the capital. Today, a total of 56 areas have been demolished and more than 2 million citizens were forced out.
My grandmother's house is now in danger of being demolished; she has lived there since 1952 when she married my grandfather. I feel overwhelmed with sadness when I think of how my grandmother is going to face that moment, leaving 70 years of memories and life behind. She can’t picture herself outside the place she calls home, and prefers to die rather than be put in that situation.” Mohamed Hozyen.

11- 30 September 2022


Mary Abuzid


Mary is a Jordanian artist, printmaker and gallerist

 at Jacaranda Images. Mary’s art is delicate and precise, its a lens magnified on the beauty that she finds in the details of her subjects.

10- 31 October 2022


Collages by Karina Rbeihat, Lahib Jaddo and Riman Meho


Three female artists share their very personal and precious relationships with their family, their history  and themselves. Their use of collage provides a means to navigate the layers of complexity required for the exploration.  


Each artist assembles different elements and influences and make them work within a picture plane to create a language for themselves, creating a whole and cohesive statement.  The exhibition acknowledges the individual vision and uniqueness of each artist whilst allowing the audience some insight to their collective desire to resolve past memories and find peace.  


“Sending out a letter hoping  I receive it. There she was trapped in sorrow and fear. All these memories she kept in her mind, of going home, creating empty structures built up her own mind. Closing the doors and looking for what was left, only half truth. Created an infinity without begging or end, gathering strength for the battles of surviving the day. Remembering words she once said to look up to the stars, she will be always there to protect her. This project is dedicated to Моя дорогая мама.”                                    

Karina Rbeihat


“When the people of a community are separated from one another, when they can no longer speak their language, or sing their songs together, the threads holding their culture begin to loosen. Against this threat of loss, culture is held tightly within each member of the tribe, guarded and tended, so that it may reappear when conditions permit. My work emerges out of this desire to remember, preserve and honor the culture that I belong to and that I love. Remembering the women in my family are at the center of this work. I draw from my memories of their movements, language, and clothing. I tell stories about their lives. Some of these stories reimagine the past, others dream of a future. Ultimately, I created these works to give me a sense of peace and inspiration in a world that seems currently difficult.”

Lahib Jaddo



“Life can be a hollow mess. You can feel it is constantly against you. It is always present in a circle of constant movement, stress and chaos.  Absolute and never ending, overthinking the mystery and possibly the regrets.   But it is the center of humanity ... certainly, it is the pulse for the human existence, therefore it is precious”.                                                                                  Riman Meho

12 Nov - 10 Dec 2022
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