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Collaboration between Hussein Alazaat and Firas Majzoub


Calligraphy artist Hussein Alazaat, and architectural designer Firas Majzoub join forces to create watercolor calligraphy using the wet-on-wet technique, sharing a new experience for both of them. They present us with a new perspective for Arabic calligraphy in a contemporary and non-traditional style, to create a dialogue with meaning of the letters, visually and spatially.

HF - Hazani Al-Wajd A1.jpg
For the Sake of Love

‘For the Sake of Love’ is inspired from mystical poetry, divine spinning, love and adoration. It communicates all stages of love through the correspondence between the character of a letter and its symbolism. This exhibition takes us on a journey within the sentiment of the text, the universe of color and the relationship of dissonance and attraction between the color values ​​and the fluidity of watercolors.

‘For the Sake of Love’ is a new presentation of love’s relationship with time by studying the flow of color on paper, revealing layers of meaning in the artwork

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