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18 Omar Bin Khattab St

First Circle, Jabal Amman, Jordan

Tel +962 6 4644050

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After graduating from the University of Damascus in Syria with a degree in English Literature in 2003 Mike V. Derderian started working as a journalist for The Star Weekly and has since moved to radio. He also works as a voice over artist, magazine writer, editor-in-chief, translator, creative content producer, illustrator and one of Amman's best known graffiti artists.

Mike V.Derderian
Cirque du Habaleeno

In Cirque du Habaleeno, Mike has created a troupe of misfits, a macabre collection of entertainers, each with their own reason for being part of the travelling spectacle.

Each character has a comprehensive back story that places them in the crazy world of Mike's imagination.