Mohammad Awwad is an artist & graphic designer located in Amman, Jordan, and a graduate of the Academy of Arts (Egypt), who finds inspiration in random motives, personal interests, colours, textures and his daily life, gathering and using anything from magazine collages to site seeing tickets. His artwork shows vintage, surreal style with playful colors contrasting over layers of textures, and he mixes elements of the various cultures that he is been exposed to.

Mohammed Awwad

Using collaged images to address a number of aspects of contmporary life, Mo Awwad's highly detailed prints are sometime joyful, sometimes sad.  Through Awwad's attempts to explain these contradictions within the parameters of our everyday existence, the reality can be troubling or simply pleasing. Awwad aims to present a complete explanation for the viewer in accessible visual terms.


A ‘phantasmagoria’, in late 18th century France, was a series of illusions created by magic lanterns shown for the public. They often used frightening images which the public flocked to see, no doubt to be scared out of their wits and perhaps as a way of dealing with the upheavals of the French Revolution. Mohammad Awwad’s images are not frightening, but the subjects he chooses to explore often are, with their consequences and how they affect the world today. As the meaning of ‘Phantasmagoria’ has changed, so have some of the issues facing us, to the point where confusing and strange scenes confront us on a daily basis and revolution is in our conversation again.

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