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After completing his schooling in Amman, he moved to Beirut-Lebanon where he attended university, majoring in Graphic Design. Having spent 7 years in Beirut studying and working, he has moved back to Amman with a wealth of experience in various design fields including jewelry and furniture design. As an Arab designer, he firmly believes in the importance of identifying with one's cultural heritage and reviving design elements from the Middle East's artistically rich past, while reinterpreting them in a manner that appeals to modern culture

Mohammed Rusan


Tishreen marks the season of harvest. A time when women in brightly embroidered dresses gather to pick the olive trees, a time when the land rewards its keepers. 

This exhibition is a celebration of our ancestral connection to the land. It is a celebration of our traditional embroidered “Toub” (dress), adorned with stitches which themselves are a reflection of the land, its vegetation, birds and animals. It is a reconstruction of tradition, a contemporary take on our visual identity...and a salute to the land and its people. 

The exhibition features hand shaped & hammered metals (aluminum, brass and tin) as well as mixed work on paper. 

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