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Msallam Hdaib

A visual artist and a known rapper who works between Amman, Jordan and Moscow, Russia. Hdaib received his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Jordan in 2014 and a master's degree in ceramics at Stroganoff academy Moscow 2020.

His canvases are marked by the use of tally marks also known as hash marks [ IIII ] which he has adopted as his symbolic “brushstroke”.  The tally-marks were also born out of the artist’s desire to develop his own style. Hdaib takes refuge in painting and the repeated motion in applying his tally marks to transport him to a meditative state which guides him as he searches for his truth and attain his inner peace.



“The years spanning 2019 to 2022 marked a transformative chapter for me. During these difficult years, suspicion casted a veil, distorting perceptions and weaving intricate stories of unseen shadows and whispered conspiracies that enveloped my psyche.

From this cauldron of experiences emerged a sacred refuge—a fusion of color and prayer that would evolve into "Therapeutical Prayers." In the rhythm of tally-marks, a silent dialogue with the divine took shape, a meditative cadence that carried me from the depths of panic to the shores of tranquility.

This collection encapsulates the mosaic of catharsis—the dance between brushstrokes and whispered Istighfar (Prayer of Forgiveness), an offering of both surrender and reclamation. Within the frames of "Therapeutical Prayers," you'll find echoes of my journey—a reflection of my spirit's dance amidst fantasies and the labyrinthine corridors of fear.

The collection invites you on a visual pilgrimage—a dialogue between the known and the intangible. "Therapeutical Prayers" is an intimate revelation, an alchemical transformation where art becomes a vessel for healing and self-discovery.

As you embark on this journey, I hope you'll find echoes of your own within the narrative of the work. It's an immersive testament to the power of art, faith, and resilience.” Msallam

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