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2016 Exhibitions

Heidi Venamore 
March 9 - 31 2016


Intertwining art and science, Heidi Venamore brings nature to life on the page. Her work is technical and detailed, with a focus on accuracy alongside the natural beauty of the plant form. She uses art to portray the vibrance and cleverness of nature through authentic portraits of plants and flowers which translate their habit, colour and form onto the page. Her objective is to attract one's attention with a vibrant, arresting composition, then draw in the viewer to ever-closer inspection of the work as the layers reveal the secrets of the plant.

Nabil Boutros
April 4 - 30 2016


In the exhibition 'Beyond' Boutros questions the place that words have in our relationship with our world. With calligraphy overlaying various images, a dilemma is created whether to focus on the imagery or the words, and is it possible to view them with equal understanding?

Cathie Boucher
July 13 - 31 2016


Cathie Boucher is a native of the US, but travels with her husband 's work have taken her to Cairo and now Amman. Her work includes realistic and detailed imagery but also incorporates textural details she enjoys so much. This series of works are studies of moods one might experience when enjoying tea and coffee. The coffee may accompany the scene or vice versa.

Georgia Hill
August 30 - September 22 2016


Georgia Hill's new series of works aim to push past our tendency to seek a clear final message in lettering-based works. Influenced by her own recent interests in structures and material based manipulation, these new artworks explore the shifting value of legibility by utilising themes of cycles, repetition, abstraction and experimental compositions in Hill's distinctive black and white aesthetic.

Mohammad Awwad
December 7 - 31 2016


In Mohammad Awwad's second solo exhibition at Jacaranda Images, the artist takes on themes of politics, economics and culture in his works. Using collaged images to address a number of aspects of contmporary life, Mo Awwad's highly detailed prints are sometime joyful, sometimes sad.  Through Awwad's attempts to explain these contradictions within the parameters of our everyday existence, the reality can be troubling or simply pleasing. Awwad aims to present a complete explanation for the viewer in accessible visual terms.

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