2017 Exhibitions

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Collective Exhibition 
February 8 -28 2017


Paintings, prints and posters from young to emerged artists are brought together showing red in their work. Artists represented are, Ahmed El Khalidi, Cathie Boucher, Charlotta Sparre, Dina Fawakhiri, Dodi Tabbaa, Hana Saudi, Hazem Nemrawi, Heidi Venamore, Jehad Al Ameri, Lizzy Newcomb, Luke Gray, Mary Abu Zaid, Mike V. Derderian, Mohamed Abou Elnaga, Mohammad Rusan, Mohammed Al Shammarey, Nehad Azzawi, Rosa Brugulat Guiteras, Rosella Namok, Samah Hijawi, Sina Ata, Susie Perring , Tamer Al Ahmar, Wedad Al Naser and Yasser Dwiak.

Charlotta Sparre
April 2 - 30 2017


Through her photographs Charlotta Sparre shares her love and passion for the Middle East and North Africa. Building on a technique of double exposed photographs, the combined pictures create something both familiar and dreamlike - this time in “A Story About Her”, an exhibition on identity and “womanhood” in the Middle East North Africa”.

Dia Batal
October 10 -31 2017


This exhibition explores ideas of home, delving into the meaning of place and home in an age of forced migration and immigration – of home as an internal orientation where the idea of belonging to a place may no longer exist. The artist is interested in creating artwork that examines the significance of involuntary departures from a homeland through archived material relating to the above themes, such as the map of the Sykes Picot agreement, in order to trace shifting landscapes. 

Zaina El-Said
March 1 - 30 2017


Zaina El Said's new exhibition is inspired from the idea of a single hero who existed since dawn of humanity. A hero who transforms in appearance but ultimately represents the same set of values and beliefs celebrated and revered by the masses.  Mythological characters stand witness to this idea; there are heroes and legends that share identical characteristics, yet originate from totally different worlds and cultures.

Hamad Sharif
May 26 - June 30 2017


Hamad’s signature style is a fusion between East and West. Domes feature prominently in his artwork. The dome signifies a spiritual journey of peace from deep within the soul as it searches for identity and sense in this chaotic world. Hamad cites modern art, design, and architecture, as his main inspiration. He is influenced by the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements

Collective Exhibition
October 10 -31 2017


An artist's preliminary drawings give an insight to how they see a painting - the composition, shadows and forms develop in sketches and detailed drawings to bring together the final masterpiece.


Jacaranda Images was please to present a number of artists' work, that may have developed into masterpieces, or maybe they are beautiful enough on their own. Works in pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel and watercolour are shown in different styles.


Artists represented are Aileen Abdo, Ayah Abu Gazaleh, Barbara Rowell, Basel Uriqat, Dina Fawakhiri, Elmer Dumlao, Ghadeer Abu Bokha, Judith Hill, Juman Nimri, Lutfi Zayed, Mary Abuzaid, Mike Derderian, Nissa Raed, Reem Odeh, Sama Shahrouri, Sarah Hatahet, Shadi Wahbi.

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