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Of Home and Land

Haya Halaw


"Of Home and Land is an exploration of the limbo I found myself in after fleeing the war. An exploration of the love-hate relationship I have with my own land and the shifting role this geographic location played in mine and many others being." Haya Halaw

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5-31 March 2022
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Mohamed Hozyen

Part of the 10th Image Festival Amman


As part of the 10th Image Festival Amman, Jacaranda Images is hosting an exhibition by Egyptian photographer Mohamed Hozyen.  


In 2011, the Egyptian authorities issued demolition orders to remove all random residential areas and illegal buildings. The decision went into action at the beginning of 2016 by gradually removing old districts in the capital. Today, a total of 56 areas have been demolished and more than 2 million citizens were forced out.
My grandmother's house is now in danger of being demolished; she has lived there since 1952 when she married my grandfather. I feel overwhelmed with sadness when I think of how my grandmother is going to face that moment, leaving 70 years of memories and life behind. She can’t picture herself outside the place she calls home, and prefers to die rather than be put in that situation.” Mohamed Hozyen.

11- 30 September 2022