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Born in the UK, Tariq Dajani spent his formative years constantly moving between the Middle East and Europe, gaining an understanding and an appreciation of different cultures and traditions. He grew up with a strong interest in art, which subsequently led to a career in photography.

Tariq's solo exhibitions include SAQR in 2011, ASIL, the body of work on the purebred Arabian horse, in Amman in March 2008 and in Dubai in 2009 and the solo feature ‘Wadi Rum from Above’ at Jacaranda Images in November 2009. Additionally his work was shown at The Bahrain National Museum in the exhibition ‘3 Dimensions, 3 Jordanian Artists’ curated by Jacaranda Images in May 2009.


After working for over 20 years in London, Stockholm, Dubai and Amman, Tariq Dajani has developed a distinctive style in his photographic work, with personal projects that tend to focus on themes relating to identity, belonging and environment.  He retains a visceral connection to his Arab heritage which appears throughout his work.


Tariq’s work has been exhibited in galleries across Europe and the Middle East. He has won several international photographic awards. Limited edition prints of his photographs are owned by art lovers and collectors worldwide.

Tariq Dajani
Wadi Rum #239
Wadi Rum #66
Wadi Rum #110
Wadi Rum #121
Wadi Rum #259
Wadi Rum #233
Wadi Rum #124
Wadi Rum #171
Wadi Rum #99
Wadi Rum #186
Wadi Rum #206

This series of limited edition fine art photographic prints is an artistic interpretation of the majestic beauty and splendor of the hunting falcon, presented in a studio setting or in front of dramatic skies.


“While the precise origins of falconry are lost in time, the keeping of falcons in the Middle East is as ancient as the emergence of its civilizations and goes back at least 4000 years”. “As with my series on the Arabian horse, SAQR pays tribute to the traditions and heritage of our region”. Dajani


Wadi Rum was formed more than thirty million years ago when spectacular mountains of granite and sandstone were pushed through the crust of the earth, shaped further by powerful currents of water and the lashing desert winds. Mysterious canyons, magical rock formations and unearthly landscapes remain as examples of the extraordinary power and beauty of nature.

These aerial photographs of Wadi Rum present a different perspective of this dramatic, desert wilderness in the south of Jordan.

Saq'r  #111
Saq'r #363
Saq'r #239
Saq'r  #261
Sheikha #100
Ali Halim #265
Ali Halim #282
Ali Halim #293
Anbar #278
Hoor #376
Shaddad #219
Sheikha #194
Sukkar Aezea #80
Bashir #273
Bashir #374
Haleem #151
Hlayyil Ramadan #56
Shakaab #147
Sukkar Aezea & Foal #173

Tariq Dajani's choice of the Arabian, the oldest and purest breed of horse, as a subject to portray in his art, results from a life-long fascination with these magnificent creatures and a recognition of their importance in the history and culture of the ancient Middle East and Arabia.

The horses featured in this body of work were photographed entirely in Jordan over a period of a few weeks in 2006 and 2007. Most were photographed in a 'traditional portrait studio' setting, others are portrayed in the spectacular location of the Wadi Rum desert of southern Jordan. While the horses featured are all pure-bred Arabians, they vary from being champion show stallions of the Royal Jordanian Stables of Princess Alia Al Hussein, to hard-working endurance horses from privately-owned desert stables. The artist's interest is less with the credentials of the horse and more with the exploration and presentation of the qualities of the animal's character and personality.

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