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‘Spring fever’ dominates Jacaranda Images’ new collection

April 26,2023

AMMAN — This season, visitors to Jacaranda Images and Art Gallery are met with a selection of vibrant pieces of art with the theme of springtime. 

Launched in 2007, Jacaranda is solely dedicated to works on paper and prints. 

Mona Saudi at Jacaranda Images

January 22, 2020

"Homage to M. Darwish- Art Works by Mona Saudi & Dia Batal"

A beautiful review about Jacaranda Images

January 18, 2020

Jacaranda Images is an art shop and gallery that specializes in prints and works on paper. The Jacaranda Image Gallery’s focus is on growing the passion for arts and the art collecting culture by providing unique, creative, and affordable prints. Cutting-edge modern pieces, contemporary Jordanian and international art prints, and photographs taken in Jordan are all tangled in their exquisite exhibitions.

Tamer Al Ahmar's Art Exhibition in Jordan a Huge Success

December 17, 2019

When Arabology radio host Dr Ramzi Salti first interviewed Jordanian artist Tamer Al Ahmar back in August 2018, the renowned digital artist's work was beginning to making a lasting impact on the artistic scene all around Amman. Since then, his unique digital ouevre--which has constantly aimed at re-imagining various cultural icons from Fairuz to Marilyn Monroe--has continued to take off in Jordan and beyond, including an invitation to showcase his work at Annual Arab Conference at Harvard University in March and a groundbreaking collaboration with Jordanian singer Haifa Kamal who hired Tamer to design the cover art of her new album.  

Jacaranda Images part of Amman Design Week

October 04, 2019

Tishreen by Mo Rusan part of Amman Design Week 

The Jordan Times: Exhibition showcasing Jordanian, indigenous Australian artwork opens in Amman

July 08, 2019

 An exhibition showcasing contemporary indigenous Australian artwork and pieces from the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts’ collection opened on Sunday in Amman.

Adelaide Fringe 2019: Swapped At Birth by Ahmed Elkhalidi and Rua Hashlamoun

January 11, 2019

Ahmed Elkhalidi is a Jordanian/Australian artist whose paintings, photographs, designs and digital collages explore the crossover of life, perception and memories from one's own birth country and one's second country, which is sometimes by choice and at other times by circumstance.

ArtmeJo: رُسِمَ رَمزياً: تدريب ظريف للتفكير برمزيّة اللغة

December 03, 2018

عُرضت مجموعة ”رسم رمزيا“ للفنانة حنان خليل في غاليري جاكراندا اميجيز. تتكون المجموعة من أكثر من 80 عمل فني بدأت الفنانة حنان خليل العمل عليهم طوال الاثني عشر شهرا الماضية

معرض أبو شوشة »أفق متألق«..موسيقى تجريدية لبيوت عمان

September 26, 2018

اعتنت الفنانة بالخطوط التي شكلت حدود المكان بینما انتشرت الألوان برقة لتضم التشكیلات التي اقترحتھا أبو شوشة للبیوت المتراصفة أفقیا وعمودیا ولإحساس مرھف من الفنانة بالمكان ، فقد وشت الأفق في بعض الأعمال برقائق الذھب التي أضافت ملمسا بارزا لسطوح الأعمال الورقیة ولم تكتف الفنانة بزاویة واحدة لقراءة الأفق البصري للمكان، بل نوعت في أعمالھا بین الأفقي والعامودي لقراءة التشكیل والإیقاع البصري لھذا المكان.

The Big Blue: Floating in an Ocean of Blue-Hued Artwork

August 17, 2018

When I first heard about the Big Blue, I imagined the sea.

To be exact the moment when I was free-diving, and I was absorbing the beauty of the dark blue water beneath me, and the light blue water above me.  A moment that just left me feeling like I’m in a blue magical void. The magic that came from the broken sunlight on the water’s surface.

Jordan Times: Artist paints children’s war trauma

February 20, 2018

The multiplication of conflicts around the world and the devastating impact they have on younger generations pushed Jordanian painter Rafik Majzoub to portray the experiences of these young victims of war.

Lonely Planet: Art in Amman: six of the city's don't-miss galleries

February 07, 2018

A flourishing art scene might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Amman, Jordan's capital that stretches out over seven hills and beyond, but recently a flurry of traditional and contemporary galleries have sprung up across the metropolis, attracting a wonderful and perhaps surprising array of local and international artists...

7iber: جولة على الأقدام إلى ثلاثة معارض فنية في جبل عمّان

September 01, 2017

 اخترنا هذا المسار القابل للمشي، والمكون من ثلاث محطات تستدعي الزيارة ، يميزها بشكل خاص بيئتها الصديقة للزوار، وأعمالها التي تكمل بعضها، جاعلةً من المسار رحلة زمنية خاطفة عبر عقد، على الأقل، من المشهد الفني المعاصر للمدينة والمنطقة.

The Culture Trip: An Art Lover's Guide to Jordan

August 31, 2017

Jordan might be better known for its breathtaking deserts and luscious nature reserves, but the growing arts scene in the country has a great deal to offer for art lovers of all tastes. In addition to the selection of contemporary art galleries dotted in and around Amman, there are many other places where you can experience the city’s artistic side.

The Culture Trip: Jordan's Top 10 Must See Contemporary Art Galleries

June 24, 2017

Jordan might be better known to travellers for its historical richness and stunning landscapes, but the capital Amman has a great deal to offer in way of contemporary Middle Eastern art. Art lovers will find many galleries dotted mostly in and around the areas of Jabal Al Weidbdeh and Jabal Amman, areas which are known to be the city’s cultural and artistic hubs. Here is our introduction to the top 10 must see contemporary art galleries in Jordan.

Jordan Times: Sketches offer peek into creative process behind art pieces

November 06, 2017

An artist’s preliminary drawings give an insight into how they perceive a painting — the composition, shadows and forms develop in sketches and detailed drawings which will bring together the final masterpiece-.

Jordan Times: Artist explores sense of home and belonging in intimate exhibition

October 27, 2017

Using Arabic calligraphy to convey her personal feelings towards the difficulty of change and the relation to one’s home, artist Dia Batal said she uses Islamic artistic practices to create objects that explore the meaning of place in an age of migration and refuge. 

Jordan Times: Women and identity

April 03, 2017

 Little over five years since her first exhibition at Jacaranda Images, and as part of The Image Festival Amman, now in its sixth edition, Charlotta Sparre is back with uplifting photographs that reflect her take “on women and identity”.

SBS: Desert cultures connect through art

October 25, 2016

A small gallery in Amman offers locals and tourists a glimpse into contemporary Australian and Jordanian art.

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