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Past Exhibitions

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SERVICE_Osama Abu Sitta.jpg


Osama Abu Sitta


Jacaranda Images is proud and excited to host artist Osama Abu Sitta’s first exhibition titled ‘’SERVICE’’ where he captures a particular architectural vernacular that defines Amman, observed from his ‘service’ journeys.

The “service” denotes the popular mode of transportation that has served Amman and many cities around Jordan for decades. It is a well-established system that has worked as a public transport option when life was simpler and Amman was less inhabited. With the routes defined and advertised on the door of the vehicles, the system remains relevant today in amongst the yellow cabs, rideshares and rapid buses.

Osama Abu Sitta had used “Service” as a youth to commute to school and visit friends in all areas of Amman in the 1970s. After 40 years abroad, nostalgia and curiosity invited him to travel the familiar routes again. Upon his return to Amman after forty years abroad he was curious and nostalgic about “Service”. Observing the built environment on these journeys, the character of Amman emerged – modest and grand houses, mosques, churches and residential buildings. These works are his impressions of some of the notable spots he observed that exemplify the style of architecture that is difficult to convey other than through his delightful pastels. Capturing the light and the essence of early Amman, the images will evoke a touch of nostalgia and hopefully the desire to try a ‘service’ for oneself – to truly see the city.

Artist Osama Abu Sitta will be donating all proceeds of this exhibition to Gaza through the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organizations (JHCO)

6-31 December 2023

2008 Exhibitions

2008 Exhibitions



Collective Exhibition

October 7 - 31 2008 


Indigenous Australian art is art produced by Indigenous Australians, covering works that pre-date European colonization as well as contemporary art by Aboriginal Australians based on traditional culture It has a history which covers over 40,000 years, and represents a large range of native traditions and styles. These have been studied in recent decades and gained increased international recognition. Aboriginal Art covers a wide medium including painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving, sculpture, and ceremonial clothing, as well as artistic embellishments found on weaponry and also tools.




Tariq Dajani

March 16 - 31 2008


Tariq Dajani's choice of the Arabian, the oldest and purest breed of horse, as a subject to portray in his art, results from a life-longfascination with these magnificent creatures and a recognition of their importance in the history and culture of the ancient Middle East and Arabia. Originally bred by the nomadic Bedouin tribes as a horse to be used in battle, the pure-blooded Arabian evolved over hundreds of years into a creature of beauty and strength. The care of the Bedu for their horses, coupled with the harsh conditions of the environment produced an animal of distinctive intelligence and sensitivity, whose power and stamina enabled it to endure the harshest conditions and demands. 

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