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Zaina was born and raised in Jordan, and completed her higher education in 2001 from the UK in business administration. Amid travels and missions between Russia and Europe, it wasn’t until year 2010 that Zaina settled back in Amman and took up arts as her career path. Being brought up in a family of artists it seemed destined she would eventually follow the household footprints

Zaina El-Said
Legends and Heroes
King Hussein
Micheal Jackson
Platonic Love
Um Kalthoum
Mohamed Ali Klay
Frida  Kahlo
David Bowie
Che Guevara
Legends and Heroes

Men and women across the globe who profoundly left a deep impact wherever they dwelled.   Between kings, musicians, artists, gurus and warriors they possess common elements that led and inspired millions of people.


The profound element is what is instilled in all humans, the reflection of what’s within us and what resides in our consciousness and what connects us all as the human race.  It is sacrifice, honour, love, peace, freedom, beauty, compassion, and diligence amongst many attributes.

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